Frameworks and platforms I use, programming languages I love, and other things I am interested in.


  • Typescript, Node.js, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Go, C#, and Python.

    Most of my work focused on using Typescript and Node.js for app development and serverless AWS Lambda functions for the past year. I've been writing production-grade scalable microservices applications using Ruby since 2014, AWS Lambdas using Node.js since 2016, and I wrote cloud-native applications in Python and C++. I use to be a C# guy before that, and I still write any side projects using C# and .Net core if I have the chance. Also, I enjoy building things using Golang.


  • React, Angular, Bootstrap and Material-UI.

    I've been focusing on React, Angular, Bootstrap, and Material-UI for the past few years, but I used many libraries and frameworks like jQuery, Knockoutjs, Backbone, and AngularJs. And sometimes, I use pure JavaScript for simple frontend work.

Systems & Platforms

  • Linux, Windows, AWS and Docker.

    I got involved with the operations/DevOps side of things besides developing for a fair amount of time. Building servers, installing operating systems from Windows to Linux and virtualization platforms, and configuring them to be production-ready was part of my job. A few years ago, I got introduced to Microservices, Docker, and cloud computing services like AWS and Azure. Now I am an AWS certified solutions architect, and I use AWS services in my day-to-day development. Also, I have a Homelab that allows me to learn about systems, applications, and different technologies.